Introduction to Neural Engineering

An online course

Neuroscience is one of the fastest-growing areas of science today. Its growth is encouraged by new technical tools and engineering collaborations that enable us to tinker with our own nervous systems like never before. Neural engineering represents the fusion of neuroscience’s expertise on the brain with engineering approaches to treating neurological disorders, diseases, and injuries. In this interdisciplinary class, we will cover basic principles of neuroscience and bioengineering; examine applications in synthetic sensory systems, prostheses and other movement-assistive devices; and discuss of ethics of neuroscience and neural engineering. Multiple instructors with expertise in neuroscience, engineering, and philosophy will bring cutting-edge research right to you, and explore hands-on projects in their areas. This class will introduce you to the interdisciplinary world of modern research, teach you skills and knowledge on a diverse array of topics in both neuroscience and engineering, and pull back the curtain on careers in science and engineering research.

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