The Center for Neurotechnology (CNT) offers a range of programs and activities throughout the year to educate the next generation of neural engineers. These programs provide opportunities close to home for CNT students and for students around the world.

Undergraduate and graduate students make up a Student Leadership Council that helps guide student involvement in the center. The council sponsors research seminars with student speakers and hosts informal luncheons with industry affiliates. Students from the Council also participate in national and local science outreach events.

Academic year curriculum at the University of Washington includes interdisciplinary courses and a degree minor or option currently in development in the area of Neural Engineering.

One of the most successful courses developed through the CNT is the Tech Sandbox Competition, in which teams of undergraduates and graduate students develop neural engineering demonstration projects. MIT and San Diego State University will soon offer their own versions of the Tech Sandbox Competition course.

Two additional new undergraduate courses are currently in development: Sensorimotor Systems Design and Introduction to Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Course materials will be shared with all partner institutions. 

Each of these courses is being incorporated into a degree minor or degree option in Neural Engineering at the UW that will be available to students in any college.

For students both within the CNT and in the broader national community, the center provides a Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) with an aim of attracting promising students to the field of neural engineering.

REU students work with a faculty mentor to establish objectives for their research, and students create and present research findings. UW faculty conduct weekly presentations and lead group discussions on graduate schools, writing research papers, and creating and presenting posters.  At the end of the summer, REU students present their work at a university-wide research symposium.

Questions? Please contact CNT Executive and Education Director, Dr. Eric Chudler.