CNT projects

Experimental Neuroscience

Inducing corticostriatal plasticity and measuring dopamine in non-human primates
Transcutaneous spinal stimulation to induce plasticity and improve hand and arm function after cervical spinal cord injury
Optical vs. electrical spinal stimulation for plasticity
Bidirectional interface for bridging damaged cortical areas in humans
Optogenetics to improve recovery after stroke in non-human primates
Co-adaptive techniques for closed loop stimulation in humans with ongoing circuit dynamics
ECoG plasticity and adaptation in humans with intact cortex

Computational Neuroscience

Neural networks implemented on Neurochip FPGA
Protocols and predictive modeling for optimizing cortical plasticity
Quantifying large-scale cortical dynamics and plasticity during task learning
A dynamical systems approach to understanding cortical microcircuits, adaptation and plasticity induction

Communication and Interface

Neurotransmitter response to epidural spinal cord stimulation via directional glassy-carbon neural interfaces
Multi-function electrodes for inducing and quantifying spinal cord plasticity
Artifact cancellation for plasticity induction
Wireless neurochip for neuromorphic plasticity induction


End-user values related to neural device for inducing plasticity
Ethics workshop dialogue tool for neural engineering
Agency of individuals undergoing plasticity-inducing therapy