Neuroengineering Courses

Several neural engineering courses are taught at the University of Washington on a regular basis.

Introduction to Neural Engineering (EE 460/BioENG460 & EE 560/BioENG 560)

Offered annually autumn quarter, this course provide an introduction to Neural Engineering and begins the three course sequence required for the minor or graduate certificate in neural computation and engineering.


Neural Engineering Laboratory (EE 466/BioE 466 & EE 564)

Offered annually in winter quarter, this course provides hands-on experience in neural engineering hardware and control software.


Neural Engineering Tech Studio (EE 461/BioE 461 & EE561 & BioE561)

Offered annually in spring quarter, this course provides a team-based design experience that simulates a fast-paced biomedical startup and serves as the capstone for the EE Neural Engineering Concentration.