General K-12

If you're looking for general neuroscience teaching resources, you've come to the right place.

  • Neurosci Community Outreach at the University of Washington is an award-winning organization led by students. This website provides lesson plans and video demos about neuroscience, with a focus on neurobiology. In addition, this group offers free outreach programs for Seattle-area teachers.
  • If you're looking for teaching activites or general content, check out the treasure trove on Neuroscience for Kids, a site maintained by Dr. Eric Chudler, CSNE's executive director.
  • The Amazing History of Neuroscience from Frontiers for Young Minds provides a sweeping look at neuroscience discoveries.
  • The Why Files website features student-friendly articles that explain the "science behind the news." Try searching for neuron, spinal cord or neuroscience for articles related to concepts in neural engineering.
  • Need a neuroscience glossary? Here's one from Dr. Chudler and one called BrainU developed at the University of Minnesota.