Neurological Disorders

CSNE researchers are driven by a mission to improve the lives of people with neurological, mobility and sensory disorders through neural engineering research.

Challenge your students to come up with examples of each type of disorder that they think might be the focus of researchers working in sensorimotor neural engineering. Record the answers on a table, similar to the one below:

Neurological Disorders Mobility Disorders Sensory Disorders
Parkinson's disease Limb loss, amputation Hearing loss
Epilepsy, seizure disorders paralysis Deafness
Locked-in syndrome spinal cord injury Vision loss
Traumatic brain injury paraplegia, quadriplegia Meniere's disease
Stroke palsy  
Alzheimer's disease    
Multiple sclerosis    

The Neuroscience for Kids site has more information about neurological disorders.

Looking for lesson plans? Traumatic Brain Injury- A Neural Network Journey is a seven-lesson curriculum unit aimed at middle and high school students. You'll also find background information on neuroanatomy, neuroscience and neural engineering. The lesson plans were developed in 2013 through the CSNE's Research Experience for Teachers program. Download them from our site.

Neurological Disorders Dominoes helps test students' knowledge of neurological disorders.