Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) facts and resource links

Below are links to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) facts and resources from Center for Neurotechnology (CNT) core and partner institutions. We hope this information will help support you during this challenging time. Information is updated frequently as we all adjust to the ever-changing realities COVID-19 brings. Check back often for new information as we navigate this transition together.

CNT core institutions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT’s COVID-19 Info Center

San Diego State University: The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

University of Washington: Novel coronavirus & COVID-19: facts and resources

CNT partner institutions

Caltech: Coronavirus Information

Morehouse College: Several Novel coronavirus-related links are at the top of Morehouse College’s homepage.

Spelman College: Coronavirus update

Southwestern College: Special Health Updates

University of British Columbia: Coronavirus (COVID-19) and UBC’s response

COVID-19 studies involving CNT members

Helpful behavior during pandemic tied to recognizing common humanity (Study co-authored by CNT Co-Director Rajesh Rao)



Date of Publication: 

Friday, April 10, 2020