CSNE Executive Director wins Emmy Award

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering’s (CSNE’s) Executive and Education Director, Eric Chudler, won an Emmy on June 3 at the 2017 Northwest Regional Emmy Awards for an episode he executive produced for the UWTV series, BrainWorks. The Emmy-winning episode, “Exercise and the Brain,” discussed the benefits of exercise on the brain and learning. BrainWorks is an educational series that takes viewers on a journey inside the human brain, with the goal of educating children about the wonders of neuroscience.

“The BrainWorks series encourages people to learn about their brain and neurological disorders,” Chudler said. “The programs have an educational mission similar to that of the CSNE, to motivate young people to pursue careers in neuroscience.”

BrainWorks on UWTV is made possible through the generous support of The Dana Foundation, The Dean Witter Foundation and Seattle Children’s Hospital.


Date of Publication: 

Saturday, June 3, 2017