The CNT takes part in Brain Awareness Week 2021

On March 9 2021, the University of Washington Brain Awareness Week Open House was held virtually via a Zoom webinar. The Open House was part of International Brain Awareness Week, a time for neuroscientists around the world to share their excitement for brain research. A total of 406 students from elementary school to high school joined the webinar. Although most students were from the Puget Sound region, some students attended schools in Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Kentucky and even Argentina.
To start the open house, CNT Executive Director and Education Director Eric Chudler provided an interactive introduction to neuroscience. Following this presentation, a panel of six neuroscientists joined the webinar to answer students’ questions. On the panel were CNT Co-Directors Rajesh Rao and Chet Moritz, CNT computational neuroscience research thrust leader Eric Shea-Brown, as well as graduate students Holly Hake, Samantha Sun and Theodros (Teddy) Haile.
The UW BAW Open House was sponsored by a grant from the Dana Foundation to the Pacific Cascade Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.


Date of Publication: 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021