CNT members selected for Weill Neurohub funding

The Weill Neurohub, launched November 2019, is supporting five inaugural high-impact neuroscience projects that include researchers at the Center for Neurotechnology (CNT). A pioneering research network, the Weill Neurohub unites three premier West Coast public universities (the University of Washington, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco) to advance treatments for brain diseases.

The initial project funding will support the development of foundational platforms and tools in four priority areas — imaging, genomics and molecular therapies, computation and data analysis, and engineering — deemed most likely to fuel new therapeutic discoveries across the three institutions.

CNT members included are Bing Brunton, Chet Moritz, Dr. Jeffrey Ojemann, Amy Orsborn, Azadeh Yazdan and Adrienne Fairhall.

More information is on the Weill Neurohub website.


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Weill Neurohub website

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Sunday, March 8, 2020