The CSNE partners with five new industry affiliates

Wayne Gillam

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE) recently formed partnerships with Cambridge NeuroTech, Kernel, Pramak, WiBotic and ARM. These are five innovative companies leading their respective fields in areas related to neural engineering, including silicon neural probes, neuroprosthetics, cloud computing, wireless power solutions, and power-efficient microprocessors.

"Our industry partners are critical in providing input and direction on our research as well as being key collaborators in our technology transfer efforts," said Dr. Scott Ransom, the CSNE's director of industry relations and innovation. “These recent additions to our membership bring substantial expertise to bear on those efforts and considerably increase our industry network; we are really excited to have them.”

The CSNE works with both large and small companies to develop neural engineering technologies for medical devices and consumer applications. This collaborative work with industry partners helps to ensure that technologies CSNE researchers develop are in strong alignment with what people need.

Cambridge NeuroTech

Cambridge NeuroTech focuses on the development of silicon neural probes with short lead-times and high channel counts. They also provide probes that are engineered for single unit recording combined with optogenetics with minimal photoelectric artifacts. They have developed microdrives to work with their probes and fiber-optic cannulae, and also provide 3D stacking options for multiple probes. Their approach and electrode options complement the CSNE's work in data acquisition and brain electrophysiology, especially as the CSNE looks toward increasing channel count and further leveraging opotogenetics. Acquiring clearer, more robust data signals through neural probes is important for development of the CSNE’s bi-directional brain-computer interface, which is envisioned to act as a neural bridge between the brain, spinal cord and injured areas of the body.


Kernel is developing microchip technology that will help people recover cognitive function after Alzheimer’s disease or stroke. They are also working toward becoming a leading pioneer in the field of neuroprosthetics by developing technology to aid memory and other cognitive tasks.


Pramak provides technical consulting in specialized areas of cloud computing as well as in basic, foundational areas essential to a successful cloud strategy. Specialized areas of focus include Hybrid Computing, Virtualization, Cost Effective Architectures and Designs, Security and Compliance, Service Management, and Data Center Networking.


WiBotic creates innovative and reliable wireless power solutions to charge aerial, mobile and aquatic robotic systems. Although it is a relatively new start-up, WiBotic is already working with companies in several industries, including agriculture, security/surveillance, factory automation, transportation/port monitoring and autonomous underwater vehicles.


ARM is a leader in microprocessor intellectual property. ARM designs and licenses fast, low-cost, power-efficient RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processors, peripherals and other devices for use in medical products, home automation and communication technologies.

The CSNE is actively engaged in many productive industry partnerships throughout the private sector. Visit the CSNE Industry page to read about the benefits of partnering with the CSNE, and view the CSNE Current Member page to learn about other partnerships in which the CSNE is involved. For more information, contact Dr. Scott Ransom.