Students Compete in NeuroTEC/Synaptech Hackathon

Eric H. Chudler

NeuroTEC UW and Synaptech UW teamed up to host the second NeuroTEC x Synaptech Hackathon at the Center for Neurotechnology. Five teams of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of majors competed from February 10-12, 2023, to complete projects incorporating neurotechnology.

Social Impact Award winner + Overall winner
Team name: SenseScene
Team: Ellen Lesser, Mikko Epstein-O’Rourke, Ayush Kulkarni, Trevor Waldorf
Description: SenseScence utilizes VR scene modification via biofeedback to combat anxiety and stress in users. Using Oculus VR and Muse Headband hardware with Python and Unity 3D software, the SenseScence team created a prototype positive feedback model with encoded biofeedback and VR scene manipulation. The aim of the project is to allow users to grow their own "MindGarden" with focus and relaxation to spawn virtual foliage in their own virtual world to help alleviate symptoms of prolonged stress.

Best Presentation Award winner:
Team name: BLink
Team: Tanmay Bhanushali, Nancy Li, Harshil Sharma, Anna Sun
Description: BLink utilizes an OpenBCI EEG headset with Python code to allow people with disabilities to play classic arcade games by blinking their eyes. BLink detects blinks and outputs a keyboard space click.

Technological Innovation Award winner
Team name: CorAL
Team: Aurelia Audrey Kisanaga, Samantha Reksosamudra, Jimin Park, Catherine Rasgaitis
Description: CorAL facilitates the learning process for both students and teachers by identifying when students get confused via brain wave analysis.