CSNE announces four new industry partnerships

Wayne Gillam

CSNE has recently formed partnerships with OpenBCI, NeuroRecovery Tech, MultiModal Health and LeafLabs LLC. These are four, leading-edge companies in the areas of human-computer interface technologies, spinal cord neuromodulation, virtual rehabilitation and neural-computer processing.

"We at CSNE are very excited about these new companies joining as partners in our research efforts. They represent some of the best minds tackling the challenges in developing therapeutic technology, and they will bring a great mix of expertise and experience to bear on achieving our organizational goals and mission of developing principles of Brain-Computer Interfaces to help patients suffering from stroke or spinal cord injury," says Dr. Scott Ransom, Industry Liaison Officer for CSNE.

CSNE researchers work with both large and small companies to develop neural engineering technologies for medical devices and consumer applications. This careful work with industry partners helps to ensure that technologies CSNE researchers develop are in strong alignment with what people need.


OpenBCI is a community of researchers, engineers, scientists and others dedicated to open-source innovation of human-computer interface technologies. They develop EEG headsets and low-cost data acquisition boards with open source software. By doing this, OpenBCI encourages research and experimentation in the brain-computer interface space, especially attracting the maker-market. CSNE is excited to be partnering with OpenBCI, as both organizations strive to equip and support research in brain-computer interfaces.

NeuroRecovery Tech

NeuroRecovery Tech is focused on the development of two unique spinal cord neuromodulator systems to restore function and movement for individuals suffering from paralysis. The first is a non-invasive external system for patients with partial to complete paralysis, and the second is an implantable device used to treat individuals with severe paralysis. NeuroRecovery Tech's system and approach will help support and complement CSNE's work towards reanimating limbs via spinal cord stimulation.

MultiModal Health

A start-up formed out of and initially supported by CSNE, MultiModal Health developed the vHab (virtual rehabilitation) system, which came from their winning project in CSNE's Tech Sandbox competition. This virtual reality gaming system is specifically targeted to assist patients recovering from stroke who are performing physical therapy at home. MultiModal Health offices are located in the incubator space of CSNE, where they are continuing to develop next generation features and updates to their system.

LeafLabs, LLC

LeafLabs, LLC designs powerful physical computing devices for control and communication among smart machines (including humans!). They are working with partners at MIT to build technologies that decode the brain with sensors that extract terabits of data per second, and they will be partnering with CSNE to develop electrode technology. Their primary product, the Willow, is a 1024-channel data node, designed to be modular, economic and scalable. CSNE and LeafLabs share the goal of developing signal-extraction devices and methodologies to help researchers and clinicians leverage the information contained within brain signals. They will be partnering with CSNE to develop electrode technology.

CSNE is actively engaged in many productive industry partnerships throughout the private sector. Visit the CSNE Industry page to read about the benefits of partnering with CSNE, and view the CSNE Current Member page to learn about other partnerships in which CSNE is involved. For more information, contact Scott Ransom, CSNE Industry Liaison.