CNT Students Present Their Research in Prague, Czech Republic

Eric Chudler

Last month, Samantha Sun and Courtnie Paschall, both CNT and UW Department of Bioengineering graduate students, traveled 5,210 miles from Seattle, USA to Prague, Czech Republic to present their work at the annual IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.

Samantha Sun presented her work titled "Human Intracortical Responses to Varying Electrical Stimulation Conditions Are Separable in Low-Dimensional Subspaces," for which she was awarded the IEEE Brain Best Student Paper and was one of only four finalists for the overall IEEE SMC Best Paper.

Courtnie Paschall presented her work titled “Touching the Void: Intracranial Stimulation for NeuroHaptic Feedback in Virtual Reality” and was also in Prague to present as a finalist for the International BCI Award for her work titled “In virtualis re: An Intracortical NeuroHaptic Interface in Virtual Reality.”  This project was one of 12 finalists selected from over 100 submissions to the annual award.